Hi. I am a digital artist & art director from Copenhagen specializing in branding and visuals for the music industry

Facts: I've worked as a freelancer for the past 5 years, working with numerous brands, musicians, and labels but only took the plunge as a full-time freelancer in December 2021.

In 2020 I took on the role of art director and creator for the band Hidden Figures and worked on all of their branding and still do to this day.

In 2020 I got interviewed by a German music magazine about my work for the music industry. Read it here

I probably have an unhealthy obsession with staying productive and getting stuff done.

In 2021 I started writing about being a freelancer, creative tasks, and productivity to practice creative writing. Take a look

I prefer my coffee black.

In 2021 started a working relationship with a long time friend of mine to create animation and video content for our clients
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I've worked with clients all over the world such as
Long Branch Records (Germany), SBG Records (USA), Black Lodge Records (Sweden)
Signals (USA)
, Siamese (Copenhagen), Unseen Faith (Copenhagen), Hidden Figures (USA), Binary Number (Korea) Lifedrainer (Germany), Patient Lounge (Australia),
Tom Lumley & the Brave Liason (England), Neon Prophecies (Romania),
and many more..


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