Stefan Skjoedt.

Hi. I am digital artist & Illustrator from Copenhagen specialising in artwork and branding for musicians. But not only in the music industry also for brands and other artists.

I've worked with clients all over the world such as:
Long Branch Records (Germany), SBG Records (USA)
Black Lodge Records (Sweden), Prime Collective (Copenhagen), Signals (USA), Siamese (Copenhagen)
Unseen Faith (Copenhagen), Hidden Figures (USA) Binary Number (Korea), Ghost Pilots (USA), Lifedrainer (Germany), Patient Lounge (Australia), Tom Lumley & the Brave Liason (England), IronWill (USA), Neon Prophecies (Romania), Messgram (Korea) and many more..

Find me online on most digital platforms @stefanskjoedt, or by clicking the links below. For all business inquiries, email me at hello@stefanskjoedt.org

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